​Once a Shaman from the Amazon jungle asked me, "What nature taught you the ways of the Shaman? Was it the forest, the desert, the ocean, or the jungle?" I replied, "I learned from the jungle, but not the natural jungle, the concrete jungle."

I am a Toltec Nagual from the Eagle Knight lineage. My great grandfather, don Ezekial, was a Nagual, an undertaker who lived to be 117 years old and used fear and love to wake up the senses and become aware.

His son, don Leonardo was a musician from the military who found peace and shared his wisdom through discipline and harmony.  My grandmother was a healing Nagual woman.  She embraced the power of womanhood to heal and love with the power of faith and intent.  My father, don Miguel, embraced modern medicine and became a medical doctor.  After having a car accident, he decided to leave his medical practice and take his position as the next Nagual. Cleaning up all the superstition that corrupted his tradition, he began expressing with common sense and made a simple powerful message, spreading the toltec wisdom all around the world as the author of, "The Four Agreements".  

The legacy of the Nagual was passed to me after I went through many obstacles in the concrete jungle.  After passing through  resistance, going through blindness and almost ending my own life, I woke up and saw my own selfishness.  These experiences gave me a gift, a more clear and open perception of the Divine.  I have been given many names like Shaman and Nagual.  I do not view myself in that respect.  I am just a kid from a bad neighborhood who got another opportunity to enjoy life.

In my journey, I have traveled to many spiritual sites. In India I studied with Master Swami Kaleshwar, he gave me his name, and named me a Swami of my tradition. In Peru I got named the Eagle of the North by an Inca Master, don Jorge Delgado.  I also got an invitation to be in the Elder's circle with the Quiroz and the Amazonian Shaman.  I've been accepted by many traditions as a messenger to work along side them and bring positivity to the world.

"The expression to be free is ours within. To feel this we must find ourselves and become our own truth through authenticity and awareness. This leads to a light and happy heart."

-don Jose Ruiz

For upcoming events withdon Jose Ruiz visitwww.miguelruiz.com

For upcoming events withdon Jose Ruiz visitwww.miguelruiz.com